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FirstName And Last Name Project Name Degree download-thesis def-date
afsoon afsary pathology of business environment in fars using data from iranian statistics center and research center islamic council inorder to offer practical solutions M.S 1393/12/17
Ali Akbar Almasi Presenting quantitative measurement of Person-Organization Fit degree by using ANP method M.S 1395/10/27
Maryam Sadat Arian Investigating the Relationship between Human Resource competency and Organizational Effectiveness in Shiraz Municipality M.S 1395/12/15
Moloud sadat Asgari arjenaki supplier selection in supply chain using artificial neural network at Zarin Ghazal company M.S 1392/12/07
Samaneh Asghari jahromi Designing Employees' Evaluation Framework Based on Organizational Performance Measurement Models for Iranian Public Organizations (Case of Administration of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare in Fars province) M.S 1395/08/18
maryam babadi akasheh Designing the Model of Banking Services’ Value Chain (A Case of Mellat Bank) M.S 1399/06/20
Jamal Beigi Presenting A Framework to Investigate the Effective Factors on Electronic Word of Mouth and It's Influence on Intentotion of Buying Green Foods M.S 1396/09/22
Sara Bohlouli Ghashghaei Research on main factors of Electronic Business Models and find optimize one M.S 1395/12/17
Ali davarpanah Measuring the amount of learning in the department of cooperatives, labor and social welfare fars province. M.S 1395/12/21
maryam dehghani ارائه مدلی جامع جهت سنجش عناصر تفکر استراتژیک M.S 1393/12/19
Laia Enjavinejad Designing an Optional Supply Chain Management Process in the Fisheries Industry M.S 1399/04/30
Iman Estejab Determining the Attractiveness of Investment in Registered Companies in Iran Stock Exchange and Active in Chemical Industries M.S 1392/10/24
tahere Evazi yadkoori Measuring the Degree of Person-Organization Fit by Using Perceived Method of Person-Organization Fit and Offering Solutions to Increase it within the Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare Administration of Fars Province M.S 1395/06/31
Marjan Fakharzade Providing a Framework of Factors Influencing Customers Acceptance of New Functional Dairy Products with the Development of the Theory of Planned Behavior M.S 1396/12/15
Ali Fathe noori Distributer companies businees model design (sample study:zakaria shimi pars) M.S 1396/12/20
milad firouzi Examine the relation between consumers approaches and believes through internet advertisements M.S 1394/09/10
misagh ghanbari shiraz tourism market analysis M.S 1397/11/30
Seyyed ali reza Hamidi بررسی پیاده سازی نظام مدیریت حرفه ای در سازمانها و ارائه چهار چوب نظام پیشنهادی M.S 1395/06/29
Leyla Hatami Designing Loyalty Model for Chain Stores M.S 1399/06/26
Shervin Helali Review the basics of entrepreneurship in the field of electronic services and design a new business M.S 1393/12/19
mohamad javad hematiyan برنامه ریزی استراتژیک منابع انسانی و تدوین استراتژی جذب کارکنان در مجتمع گردشگری تجاری شرق شیراز M.S 1394/06/25
Fereshte Hosseini A Framework For Human Resource Strategy Formulation and Aligning With Business Strategy, Organizational Culture and Organizational Structure in Fars Electronic Power Distribution Company M.S 1395/12/18
Nazanin Jabripour Analysis of privatization methods, focusing on job opportunities. M.S 1394/12/19
Zeynab Kamali Survey of Promotion Barriers to Executive Positions for Women in Public Organizations in Iran (Case Study in Fars Province) M.S 1394/06/31
Parisa Kamali Sarvestani investigation of acquiring financial resources methods for regional electric company and select the optimal method M.S 1396/12/09
meysam kargar Provide the Consumer Shopping Model Based on The Quality of Work Life M.S
zahra karimi Designing a Model for Measuring Managerial Skills in Different Organizational Levels in South Zagros Oil and Gas Production Company M.S 1395/06/29
Amir Abbas Khalesi Defining Effective Factors on Iran's Export-led Industrialization M.S 1399/12/26
Zahra Mansourabadi Providing a Framework of Factors Influencing Intention to Use Electronic Bank Services (Case of Mellat Bank in Shiraz City) M.S 1396/12/08
maryam mashayekh Providing the Compulsive Buying Behavior Pattern and Survey of Online Compulsive Buying Behavior in Shiraz M.S 1400/02/15
Sahar Moradi Roudbali Designing A Measurement Model of Social Responsibility (SR) and Measuring SR in Shiraz University M.S 1395/12/15
sayede sara nami ana Presenting a Conceptual Model for Revitalizing Brand in the Brand Life Cycle of Destination of Tourism M.S 1399/06/31
hadi ojaghi the Role of Human Resources Management Roles on Satisfaction of Employee of Public Hospitals in Shiraz M.S
Niayesh Rostampour Designing a Framework of Tourism Services Marketing Mix and Brand Equity (Case of Historical Places in Shiraz) M.S 1396/12/13
Farideh Saber nazaragha framework design and Expected and Perceptual Gap Analysis of the Marketing Mix in Pegah bazar- gostar Region 3 Company M.S 1397/11/29
mohammad saeedi peresenting a Pattern for Concumer's Pre Purchase Behavior (a Case of Customers of Cellphone in Zhiraz City) M.S 1400/06/31
seyedehmaryam safinia Designing a readiness assessment model for six sigma in companies (Case study in Istawin company) M.S 1393/08/21
farhad sayadnasab Investigate the factors affecting their promotion Ansar Bank branding M.S 1394/06/29
Mona Sayyahfar Presenting a Sustainable Value Chain Model Based on Porter's Framework Development and Balanced Scorecard in an Industrial Unit (Case Study: PREMIUMBOND Company) M.S 1396/12/12
marziyeh saیeghi Systematic review of the quality of work life of employees (Case study: Educational Management of Shiraz University) M.S 1400/06/28
Atieh Taghi kohzad studying the effecting factors on Brand Equity in Private Hospitals M.S 1394/12/20
mohamad mehdi zarei Providing a Model of Social Responsibility of Retail Stores and Customer Citizenship Behavior (Case of Study Soroush Chain Stores in Shiraz) M.S
shabnam zare Designing a Pattern for Explaining the Relationship Between Electronic Bank Services Advertising and Intention to Use M.S 1399/06/31
Rihaneh Zare بررسی مقایسه ای رویکردهای تدوین استراتژی های منابع انسانی و ارائه چارچوب پیشنهادی M.S 1395/12/17
Mohammad Ziaeyan survey of 5 best investment opportunity on information technology industry in shiraz area. M.S 1397/11/30
سحر محمدی Designing a Model and Structuring the Problem of Sustainable-Responsible Tourism with System Multi Methodology Approach Ph.D 1399/11/30
Saeedeh HooshyariMoghadam Identifying the Most Effective Measures of Advertising Management Investment in Dairy Companies (Case Study: Ramak Dairy Company) M.S
Fatemeh Abdesharifi Organizational Environment Management in Higher Education Institutions Based on Complex Adaptive Systems Approach: A Mixed Methods Study Ph.D 1399/02/24
Maryam Akbarisistani The Survey of Interventionist Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Relationship between Ethical Leadership and Deviant Behaviors of Employees in Shiraz University M.S 1394/12/20
Saeed Akhlaghpour Modeling Tehran Stock Exchange by Using Multi-systemic Approach Ph.D 1397/11/27
Farshad Alamdar Youli Developing An Approach for Dynamic Analysis of Sustainable Business Model: The Case of Farassan Manufacturing And Industrial Company Ph.D 1399/06/31
farnaz asadi The Study of Effective Factors in Occurance of Industrial Accidents and Effective Plans to Decrease and Prevent Accidents in Fars Province M.S 1391/02/13
Kazem Askarifar Presenting a Value Chain Analysis Model Based on Thermodynamic Laws; Case Study: Fars Province Chemical Industries Ph.D 1394/06/24
payam farhadi System Dynamics Modeling Of Oil Supply Chain M.S 1390/07/03
samira heydaribabanari The effects of organizational justice and burnout on Organizational citizenship behavior in Agricultural jahad Organization of fars province M.S 1393/06/31
zahra honarmand Identifying and ranking challenges of product development in Iranian Traditional Shipbuilding Industry: a case study of Southern Iranian Shipbuilders M.S 1391/12/15
Laya Jafari Designing Talent Management System in Pasargad Insurance Co. M.S 1398/11/30
hossein karami Modeling of Effective Factors on Investment Growth in Fars Province's Industrial Sector with System Dynamics Approach Ph.D 1395/12/15
Seyede shima Karanjam Designing the Comprehensive Organizational Culture Model by Meta-Synthesis Method & prioritizing Factors of this model with Focus Group Method (Case of Muhammad Rasulullah Research Tower of Shiraz University of Medical Science). M.S 1395/06/28
bahareh kaydan Translating Strategy into Action in Fars Electric Power Distribution Company Using an Integrated Fuzzy QFD and DANP Approach M.S 1394/06/30
Mojtaba Khalifeh Designing Supply Chain System of Production Company with Operational and Financial Approach Ph.D 1396/08/30
Mostafa Khalili Prioritizing the Financing Methods in Iran Central Iron Ore Company (ICIOC) with Fuzzy Digraph Model M.S 1397/06/20
Haniye Khodaei Desining a model for assessing the effectiveness of corporate universities (Case study : Applied sciences center of iranian telecomunication manufacturing C.) M.S 1396/12/16
Afrooz Khodarahimi Presenting Performance Appraisal Model and Application Base on BWM/DEA Method. (Case of Study: Financial Performance of Pharmaceutical Companies Listed on the Tehran Stock Exchang) M.S 1397/05/07
Aria Marhamati Social Marketing Strategies to Decline Negative Effects of Social Network in Business (a Case of Diary Industries in Shiraz Large Industrial Estate) M.S 1400/06/28
Mahsa Mohseni beigzadeh Assessing the Alignment of Culture with Business Strategy in Ansar Bank M.S 1397/06/31
zeynabossadat mostafavi The effect of social capital on starting a home business M.S 1391/12/13
Mohammad Nazari Designing a Model of Commercial Soft Technologhy Transfer by utilizing Interactive Planning approach (case study: small and medium sized enterprises of Agh-Ghala industrial state) Ph.D 1395/06/31
Hooman Pashootanizadeh Modeling the Effect of Economic and Behavioral Variables on Stock Price Fluctuations in Tehran Stock Exchange with Considering other Alternative Monetary and Financial Markets Ph.D 1399/05/19
arman rezaeian Investigation Intermediation Role of Organizational Trust In The Relationship Between Personality Dimesion and Organizational Silence of University Staff M.S 1395/06/28
hamed saberi Exploring the University-Industry Technology Transfer Process Ph.D 1397/06/31
mahin sabet sarvestani measuring citizens satisfaction residing in Shiraz from service quality of selected parks by using multi-criteria satisfaction analysis model (MUSA) M.S 1391/12/16
amir sayed alikhani Modeling Customers of Software Startup with Agent-Based Modeling Approach and Social Network Analysis through the Lens of Lean Startup Methodology Ph.D 1400/05/05
Vahideh Shahin A Framework to Overcome Barriers to Green Innovation in Food and Beverages SMEs of Big Shiraz Industrial Town M.S 1399/06/31
Sara tagha The Effect of Property Rights on Entrepreneurship in Selected Countries M.S 1396/04/20
paria taheri Presenting a Framework to Investigate the Effective Factors in Customers of Restaurants’ Purchase Intention (Case Study: Haft Khan Restaurant in Shiraz) M.S 1396/12/16
soona tayebi Designing a Marketing Communication Model in Startups Accepted by Shiraz Hub Accelerator M.S
Ali Tozih Development and Validation a Framework for Realizing the Resilience Economy in Education system: A Mixed Method Approach Ph.D 1398/05/01
Mehdi Yari Presenting a Pattern of Internet Advertising for Encourage Investors to the Stock Market M.S 1399/06/31
zohre zare Survey on the relationship between social capital and managerial motivation among managers in Shiraz government agencies M.S 1392/06/27
maryam zare sadabadi : designing a model to determine the factors which affect job stress by meta-analysis method M.S 1392/06/25
جمشید ابو Evaluating and Comparing the Human Resource Managers Competencies in Shiraz Dairy Companies M.S 1395/06/31
علیرضا خوشبین Organizational Socialization Process Designing: Case Study of Fars Regional Power Company M.S 1398/06/31
roham abbasniya Performance evaluation of fars post bank branches M.S 1394/04/23
Sahar Alizadeh Proposing a Model for Identifying the Relationship Between the Dimensions of Customer Relationship Management, and the Tourism Destination Brand Equity with Mediating Role of the Service Quality (A Case of: Eram Garden and Narenjestan Museum of Shiraz) M.S 1398/06/31
Yasser Amiri Designing a System-Process Model of Factors Affecting New Product Development (NPD) in Manufacturing Industries Ph.D 1394/11/07
javad amirzadeh qasemi Human Resource Management performance assessment by balanced scorecard in design and engineering companies. (A study in Petrocemical Industries Design and Engineering Company) M.S 1393/06/30
Mohammad Sadegh Babakhani Fard The Feasibility Study of Creative Tourism Products in Shiraz City M.S 1394/12/03
Masoumeh Dadpour Measuring the academic entrepreneurship of Shiraz university and its improving solutions M.S 1394/06/29
Farideh Eivazi The Relationship Between Lifestyle and Youth Social Responsibility: Case Study Karaj City M.S 1398/06/30
sakine esmaili Identification and Evaluation of Internal Organizational Factors Influencing on Deployment of Electronic Municipality in the Municipality of Shiraz M.S 1393/12/16
Milad Fahimi Risk Assessment of supply chain in the home appliance industry in Tehran Using an integrated DELPHI & DANP & VIKOR approach M.S 1393/06/30
Faezeh Fereidooni Design and Validation of Enviromental Dimension Framework of Organizational Behavior in University: A Mixed Method Approach Ph.D 1399/02/29
Bazmohammad forogh Enableing Bamyan University: A mixed method approach. Ph.D 1396/06/28
fateme ghanbari Presentation a Framework to Contractors Prequalification Evaluation (A Case Study of Public Service Shiraz University) M.S 1394/06/31
Elham Heidari Exploring a Strategic Supervision Framework for Open Education Institutions in Islamic Republic of Iran's Non- formal Education System Ph.D 1395/06/15
hamid honarparvaran Designing a system dynamics model for policy making of promoting the Iran’s ICT network indices Ph.D 1395/06/06
meisam hoseini Assessment The Impact Of Intellectual Capital On Empowerment With Moderator Variables Knowledge Management. (Case Study: Governmental Organizations In Kangan City). M.S 1395/06/29
bahram jaberyian Effects of sustainable competitive advantage over investment portfolio returns: empirical evidence from functional capabilities M.S 1393/06/29
Behnam Karamshahi The Design of the Mediating Role of the Management Accounting System on the Relationship Between Network of Actors and Financial Performance of the Companies Ph.D 1399/06/29
Parizad Khezri Measuring Organizational Forgiveness in Shiraz Rehabilitation Office and Offering Suggestions for Improve it M.S 1394/12/20
Zahra Khodabakhshi Soreshjani Providing a Model for Specifying and Ranking the Effect of Label Dimensions on Customers' Purchase Intention of Dairy Products M.S 1396/12/15
roohalah mahmoodi Invistigation of the efficiency of information Via shannon's information theory M.S 1393/12/19
SOHEIL MAJD managers performance evaluation of international bureau of kalleh dairy- solico group food industries M.S 1394/12/20
Vahid Mardani Evaluatiion of the Efficiency of Iran stock exchange Banks between 1391 to 1394 by VFB-DEA Window Analysis Method M.S 1397/04/27
Maasoumeh Mohtaram Developing Change Climate at Shiraz University with a Strategic Approach: A Miexed Methods Research Ph.D 1395/11/20
Iran Montaseri Providing a Framework for Local Tourists' Loyalty with Emphasis on the Relationship Marketing and the Mediating Role of Tourists' Engagement (Case of Study: Shiraz City) M.S 1398/11/29
Arash Mosaleheh The Impact of Overconfidence On Capital Structure in Tehran Stock Exchange M.S 1393/06/27
omid nejati Performance Appraisal of Yazd Tiles and Ceramics Industry by Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process on the Based of Balance Score Card M.S 1391/07/22
Ameneh Pakdelian Providing a Model for Identifying the Relationship Between Word of Mouth and Tourists Trust with Customer-Based Brand Equity in Shiraz Hotel Industry M.S 1397/02/30
Wares Parse Responding to environment in higher education curriculum Ph.D 1398/10/18
afsaneh qhayomie Women's Lived Experience in Early Marriage: Case of Study Gerash City M.S 1398/06/30
alireza rahimi Examining the internal factors affecting the Saderat bank profitability M.S 1393/06/30
maryam rahmanifard آسيب شناسي ارتقاشغلي بارويکرد شايسته سالاري در بانک اقتصادنوين شيراز M.S 1394/03/11
Ehsan Ranjbar An Investigation of the Effect of Product Market Competition on the Quality of Information Disclosure of the Accepted Companies in Tehran’s Stock Exchange M.S 1392/06/17
arezoo razmjoee Study of social and economic factors associated with the amount of empowerment of Shiraz school managers and assistants. M.S 1393/03/27
Elham Rezaeiasl Evaluating the Shiraz University Sustainability and Suggesting Improvement Solutions M.S 1395/06/29
Aidasadat Rezazadeh Developing Human Resource Strategies in Hotel Industry (Case Study of Shiraz Hotel) M.S 1397/04/25
Nasrollah Saadatfar DeterminingOptimized Investment Portfolio in Deference Financial Markets of Iran by Using A Hybrid Model of Artificial Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm M.S 1391/12/13
seyed mostafa sabzevari “Providing fuzzy approach to choose Business Strategy” M.S 1394/12/20
Behzad Safaei Perceptual Exploration and Improvement of Commercial Soft Technology Diffusion Process in Oil Industry of Iran Ph.D 1397/12/08
javad sefati Evaluation of Knowledge-based Organization in Sepah Bank (Case Study: Shiraz Sepah Bank) M.S 1393/03/25
Amir Setoudeh The effect of competition in product market on the effectiveness of internal controls in tehran stock exchange M.S 1396/06/27
Razieh Shenavar The Content Analysis of Optimizing Processes for Evaluating, Ranking and Choosing the Vendors in the SCM Strategies M.S 1395/06/27
Mahdi Tajik A Multi - Systemic Approach to Define Strategic Scenarios: The Case of Iran Cement Industry Ph.D 1395/06/06
Mohammad Ali Talebi Developing a Model for Assessing the Readiness of Implementing Knowledge Management in Fars Pegah Milk Company M.S 1395/06/31
Mohammad hossein Tavassoli The Impact of Human Resource Management Best Practices on Organizational Performance: In Fars Regional Electrical Company M.S 1392/11/16
maryam tayebikhorami Designing Iranian-Islamic Model of Women Employment M.S 1395/12/16
shima zarifi The Mediator Role of the Quality of Worklife in the Relationship between Psychological Capital and Job Engagement among Employees of Shiraz Municipality M.S 1396/12/19
محمد سعادتمند Designing The Models for Measuring the Level and Assessing the Commercial Soft Technology in SMEs Ph.D 1399/06/31
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