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Asghar Mirfardi

Asghar Mirfardi

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FirstName And Last Name Project Name Degree download-thesis def-date
saeed bahrani The Study of Social Factors Related to the Environmental Culture of High School Students in Tangestan County M.S
Maryam Parnian the Analysis of Social and Cultural Determinants of Participation in the Neighborhood-Based Development (the Case of Study: 25-65 Years Old Residents of Shiraz City) M.S
dorna salamatian The Sociological Analysis of Socio- Cultural Determinants of Environmental Citizenship among 18 Years and Older Residents of Shiraz City Ph.D
Fatemeh Salehinea The Study of Relationship between Social Capital and Tendency toward Migration among Shiraz City Teachers M.S 1398/11/20
zohreh shayesteh The Sociological Analysis of the Role of Iranian Women in Developmental Actions; Emphasizing on the Educational Activities from the Constitutional Revolution to the End of the Qajar Era (1906- 1925). M.S
samera solymanefar Analysis of women social security feeling in urban space and its Relationship with social and Economic factors(case of stud:18 gears and older women Resident in shahrza city M.S
fatemeh geravand Exploring Extramarital Relationships in the Meaning System of Married Couples in Tehran City: Toward a Grounded Theory Ph.D
sosan ghasemiheidari Sociological contexts of absolutism and its relationship with the social structure of Iran in the second half of the Qajar dynasty (with emphasis on the views of Anthony Giddens) Ph.D
amineh iri Investigating The Relationship between Social Support and Quality of Life among Female Heads of Households Supported by Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation in Bandar Torkaman M.S 1398/09/23
mandana karimi Critical Ethnography of Water Resources in Villages of Mamasani. Ph.D
Zahra Khofteh Measurement of Environmental Behavior and Water Crisis Perception among Citizens; The Case of Shiraz City 11 Regions M.S 1398/06/31
Shahrzad Kiani Zakheradi The Study of the Social-Psychological Factors Related to Social Health of Female Headed Households in Shiraz M.S 1400/06/31
Sadegh Panahinasab Exploring the Process of Political Tribalism and Underdevelopment ( Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad Province) Ph.D
Mohammad Mehdi Roshanfekr An Investigation into Political and social changes of Boyerahmadis in Pahlavi Era (1920-1963) Ph.D 1394/06/18
mohammad saberi manesh Spatial Analysis of Economic Livability of Rural Settlements of Kohgiluyeh and Boyerahmad Province M.S
abdollah shahassani Sociological Explanation of Tendency to Collective Behavior among Youth of Fars Province Ph.D 1400/06/31
Zahra Aghajani The Process of Women’s Identification in Divorce Experience: (Case Study of Graduated Women in Social Science from Universities of Tehran) Ph.D 1396/06/29
ZAHRA ESPANANI Network Theory Application in Evaluating Iran's Economy Resilience M.S 1392/11/30
Alireza Farrokhi The Discourse Analysis of the cultural programs of the Ninth and Tenth Governments ‎ Ph.D 1398/06/27
Leyla Hatami Designing Loyalty Model for Chain Stores M.S 1399/06/26
Mohammad Hassan Heidarian A Study of Socio-cultural and Economic Factors Related to the Work Ethics, Case study: Employed Nurses in Public and Private Hospitals of Shiraz M.S 1396/05/31
saeed keshavarzi Sociological Explanation of Participation in Environmental Movements: The Case of Nature Cleaners Movement in Iran Ph.D 1396/10/02
Samaneh Khoshnoodi niya Investigating the Future of Continuous Auditing by Using Delphi Method M.S 1395/12/16
Zahra Mansourabadi Providing a Framework of Factors Influencing Intention to Use Electronic Bank Services (Case of Mellat Bank in Shiraz City) M.S 1396/12/08
niloofar masoudi The Study of Relations between Identity Formation and Family Characteristics Among Girl Students of Shiraz University M.S 1392/12/20
Farzaneh Moaheb Fard the Study of Relationships between Socio-Cultural Factors and Attitude towards Menopause among Postmenopausal Women of Shiraz City M.S 1397/06/31
marzyieh nazari Studying The Satisfaction with the Quality of Urban Life and The Permanence of the Immigrant Population in The New Town of Sadra M.S 1400/06/31
zahra nekuei Designing the Education Quality System Model of Shiraz University by Using Combined Approach of Total Interpretive Structural Modeling and Structural Equation Modeling M.S 1400/06/29
Mehdi Parvar 2-\tA Grounded Theory for Understanding the Dimensions, Implications and Consequences of the Meaning of Religion among the Students of Shiraz University M.S 1396/10/19
sohaila parvizi Study of Employment Status in Dehdasht City With Emphasis on Cohort of Births of Years 1976 to 1986 M.S 1399/06/23
Farahnaz Saeidiseta Investigating the Cesarean Section in Terms of Parity in Shiraz M.S 1396/08/14
Maryam Shabaninejad Investigating the Moderating Role of Intellectual Capital on the Relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and Risk of Financial Bankruptcy on the Tehran Stock Exchange M.S 1398/11/30
zahra tavakkoli Developing a Glocalized Model of Sustainability Education: Iranian EFL and Social Sciences Contexts in Comparison Ph.D 1400/06/31
امين جوانمردي The Presentation of Risk Evaluation Model in EPC Projects Using Integrated Meta-Synthesis and Multiple Criteria Decision Making Methods (Case study: Waste Water Treatment Unit of Sadra New Town) M.S 1396/06/12
مريم فتوتي University Course and Exam Timetabling by Using Hyper-Heuristic Approach (Case: Faculty of Economics, Management and Social Sciences of Shiraz University) M.S 1398/04/04
The Study of Socio-Economic Factors Associated with Abnormal Behaviors in School and at Home as a Delinquent Behavior among Middle School Students in Bahmaei City. M.S 1395/12/17
Investigating The Relatiationship between Property Rights and Peverty in the Oily and Non Oily Selected Countries Of OPEC and MENA M.S 1397/06/31
Forecasting Spatial pattern, Dangers and Limitation of Physical Development of Shiraz County using the Cellular Automation Model. M.S 1397/06/27
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