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FirstName And Last Name Project Name Degree download-thesis def-date
Khatun Baba Ahmadi The study of relationship between women's autonomy and fertility behavior: case study 15-49 years old womens in shiraz city M.S 1392/06/30
targol borandeh The Relationship between Cultural Globalization and Men's Attitues toward Self Make-up of Women (Case of Study: The Men in Shiraz City) M.S
Farnaz Dastras The Relationship between Lifestyle and Environmental Behavior of Citizens of Shiraz City M.S 1397/06/20
Roodabeh Dehghani The Study of the Relationship between Body Image and Eating Disorders; Case Study: The Girls & Women between 15 - 29 Years Old in Shiraz City M.S 1394/06/28
Farideh Eivazi The Relationship Between Lifestyle and Youth Social Responsibility: Case Study Karaj City M.S 1398/06/30
Masoomeh Gharibmotlagh An Investigation of Relationship between Marital Adjustment and Social Hppiness (Case Study: Women in Shiraz City) M.S 1394/10/07
abolfazl jafarpour Ph.D
Maryam Kamali Relationship between Emotional Divorce and Parent-Child Conflicts The Case Study: Mothers with Adolescent Girls in Tehran M.S 1398/06/31
maryam karimi The Study of the Relationship between Digital Divide and Empowerment of Women: a Case Study of The Shiraz Women. M.S 1392/07/10
saeed keshavarzi Sociological Explanation of Participation in Environmental Movements: The Case of Nature Cleaners Movement in Iran Ph.D 1396/10/02
saeed keshavarzi Investigating the Relationship between Quality of Worklife and Organizational Commitment: Case Study of South Pars Gas Complex Staff M.S 1392/06/26
zahra khodaparast The Relationship between Lifestyle and Attitude toward Cohabitation: Study of Shiraz Youth Aged 18 to 39 Years M.S 1400/06/31
hamid kiyarashinezhad A Compare of Factors Related to Quality of Life in Abadanian War-Torn Retired Teachers of Shiraz with Shirazian Retired Teachers M.S 1392/04/18
mina mahdavian The study of factors associated with youth lifestyles in addicted and non-addicted families M.S 1392/02/11
Elahe Mardani An Investigation of Relationship between Social Intelligence and Marital Adjustment (a Case Study of Married Women in Boushehr City) M.S 1395/06/31
mohammad mohammadi The Study of Relationship between Cultural Globalization and Consumption Tastes, Case Study: two generation of 50s and 70s in Shiraz M.S 1395/11/30
mehri moradkhani A survey on the effect of globalization on parenting styles ( case study Ilam city ) M.S 1391/08/28
Shima Naghshbandi The Study of the Relationship between Media Consumption and Emotional Divorce (case of study: married women in shiraz) M.S 1398/06/31
leila parniyan study of body management and cultural globalization M.S 1391/07/12
zahra poorsaeed The Study of Relationship between Social Capital and Happiness among Shiraz City youth M.S 1393/10/01
Enayatollah Raeisi Sociological Explanation of Vandalism among High School Students Ph.D 1395/06/24
zahra reyahi estahbanati effect identity religion and social capital for mental health M.S 1391/07/09
Heidar Roozitalab The Study of the Relationship between Social Capital and Aggressive Behaviors in High School Students of Shiraz City M.S 1396/03/27
halime sadeghi A Survey on the Relationship between the Socio-Cultural Factors and Women's Social Well-Being in Shiraz M.S 1392/08/01
Nafiseh Sadrarhami Study of Digital-Divide and Social Capital Effect on the Citizenship Identify of Youth In Isfahan & Najafabad Ph.D 1396/06/13
Hamid Sedaghat The study of relationship between social capital and tendency to consumption of enhancing drugs among athletes in shiraz city M.S 1394/06/28
ali shahcheragh A Conceptual Exploring on Process of Industrial Drugs Addiction Tendency Among Youth In Semnan City: Towards a Grounded Theory Ph.D
Seyedezahra Talebkish The Study of the Investigating the Relationship between Globalization and Political Participation (case of study: Students at Shiraz University) M.S 1397/06/25
fatemeh zare The Study of Relationship between Cultural Globalization and Women Life Style(Case of Study: Married Women in Shiraz City) M.S 1400/05/04
نظام اکبری A comparative studu of adjustment of two generations of Iranian Immigrants in the United Arab Emirates Ph.D 1394/12/12
Parvin Abasi atashgah New Communication Technologies and Networked Family: The Study of Relationship between Using New Communication Technologies and Family Relations M.S 1395/12/17
khadijeh alipour The Survey On Affective Factor In Relation to Quality of Life in city of Disabled Woman in Shiraz M.S 1391/10/25
Fatemeh Arabfiroozi The Study of Socioeconomic Factors Related Parental to theTendency Toward Child Abuse the Students of the 10-15 Years Old in Fasa City. M.S 1398/11/28
ali arabi investigate the relationship between individual characteristics, neighborhood structure, and fear of crime M.S 1390/06/29
sanaz bahaedini A survey of the multiple roles of women and its relations’ to psychological well-being.( the case study employed women in the Shiraz city) M.S 1391/10/19
mehrnoosh changizi the Study of Related Factors in Commitment to Marriage Value (A Case Study of Mothers & Girls in Shiraz) M.S 1391/12/16
Nayereh Dehghani Ghanatghestani The Study of The Relationship between Life style And Attitude to Death Among The Middle Aged In Kerman M.S 1394/06/28
maryam sadat delavar The Impact of Using Information and Communication Technologies on Sociability of the Young People of Shiraz City M.S 1389/06/30
Mohammadali Ghasminejad the study of the social and cultural factors related to the formation of citizenship culture: case study: 15-29 year young people in firoozabad M.S 1391/07/11
Fateme Hami kargar The Survey on Social-Economic Factors Related Mental Health of Women Working in Mostafa Khomeini and Shariati hospital in Tehran M.S 1394/03/31
masome harasani بررسی تعارض نقش در زنان شاغل متاهل (مطالعه موردی زنان شاغل متاهل شهر سمنان) M.S
fatemeh hasheminia Value of Children and Fertility: Case Study of 15-49 Year-Old Married Women in Shiraz City M.S 1391/07/08
Seyed Mahdi Heidarabadi A Study of Social Factors of related to foreign Tourists Satisfaction Travelling to Iran Ph.D 1396/05/25
soghra hemmat The study of sociocultural factors associated with womens sense of social security M.S 1391/07/12
zahra honarvaran The Study of relationship between psychosocial factors with fashion(young people 15-29 years of shiraz as a case study) M.S 1391/10/27
Soheila Jahangiri heydari A Sociological Explanation of the Relationship between Social Exclusion and Quality of Life among the Marginalized People of the 14th Region of Isfahan City M.S 1398/06/30
Hosein Jamali The relationship between social welfare and compatibility of afghan immigrants working in assaluyeh region Ph.D 1395/06/29
maliheh javdani Evaluating the Effect of Quality of Life ( Objective and Subjective) on the Local Identity of Residents of the New Towns ( A Case Study: Citizens of Parand New Town) M.S 1395/03/18
Zahrasadat Masjedi Comparative study of the value orientation of students and related factors in Yazd and Shiraz University M.S 1391/08/07
reza mazloomzadeh A Survey of Factors Related to Incentive to Migration Among Estahbani High School Youths. M.S 1392/06/27
mirmohammd mirabdollahi An Investigation and Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Specific Training Courses for Professional Drivers(Case Study: Tehran Province Drivers) M.S 1392/11/29
fateme mohebzade Investigating the Economic and Social Factors Related to the Tendency to Addiction among Immigrant and Non-immigrant Youth in Minab City M.S
seyed ebrahim mosavat The Study of Social Values in Different Classes (Case of Shiraz Households Parents) M.S 1391/11/24
zahra mousavi A study of the relationship beetwen gender socialization and self-esteem among 14-18 girles yeare in Shiraz M.S 1390/02/20
narjes narei The Study of Relationship between Social Capital and Womens Attitude Toward gender Inequalities M.S 1389/11/11
Behnam Navidi zade The Study on the Relationship between Psychological Capital and Happiness of secondary School Students in Yasuj City. M.S 1397/06/25
fateme rashidi Evaluation (analysis) of Life-lost due to the Traffic Accidents. Case study: Traffic Accidents in Fars Cities in 1390. M.S 1391/12/16
Mohammad Amin reshadat Social Constraction of Women's Political Particition Process in Afghanistan (Towards a Grounded Theory) Ph.D 1397/06/31
Fatemeh Rezaee بررسی رابطه بین استفاده از فن آوری های اطلاعاتی و ارتباطاتی نوین و گرایش به مهاجرت به خارج از کشور:مطالعه ی موردی دانشجویان دانشگاه شیراز M.S 1390/07/13
zahra sadghipoor Inspecting the economical and Social factors related to mental health of the working woman in the hospitals of Bandar abbas city. M.S 1391/12/13
sofeia salehe A comparative Study on organizational culture of Birjand Saderat bank before and after privitization M.S 1390/07/04
Razieh Salehifar the analyze of Socio-economic, demographic and spatial factors on age at first marriage and its changes during three census periods 1365, 1375 and 1385 M.S 1391/07/11
mahdieh solati An investigation of the abnormalities related to the educational of female student’s Kardanesh high school in Tehran region 7 M.S 1393/04/14
Samira Tanadvoly The study of relationship betweeen life style and cultural intelligence among students of Shiraz University. M.S 1394/06/28
ryhane tanha Investigating the Relationship between Gender Attitude and Psychological Well-Being (Case of Study: First and Secondary High School Students of Ashkanan District) M.S 1400/06/31
ghazaleh tanoori The Role of Perceived Quality of the Environment on Social Cohesion of Residents, the Case Study of Two Neighbourhoods in Shiraz) M.S 1393/11/10
zahra tazakkor The study of the relationship berween social support and health (case of study: female in Shiraz city) M.S 1395/12/22
محمدجواد هدایت فرد Socioeconomic Factors Related to The Attitude of Young Couples Towards Demographic Policies Increase Childbearing in Dezful City M.S 1398/04/30
Sociological Explanation of Social-Psychosocial Factors Related to Social Problem Solving Strategies in Girls and Boys About Marriage Case Study: Persons Referred to Baharnekuo Counseling Center in Shiraz and Kharameh Ph.D
Alireza Edalati Tezangi The Qualitative Content Analysis of I.R.I. Presidents’ Nowruz Speeches (from Khatami to Rouhani) M.S
majid abdolihe The Survey on Life's Quality of Divorced Women On Shiraz City M.S 1392/12/10
Farshad Alamdar Youli Developing An Approach for Dynamic Analysis of Sustainable Business Model: The Case of Farassan Manufacturing And Industrial Company Ph.D 1399/06/31
mahmood aligoo Network Analysis of High School Students’ Identity Five Ethnic: Azeris, Kurds, Turkmen, Baluchis and Arabs Ph.D 1400/06/31
ghasem alizadeh nasrabad olya The Study of The Relationship Between Social Capital And Political Tolerance (Case Study of Shiraz University Students) M.S 1393/12/02
Kazem Askarifar Presenting a Value Chain Analysis Model Based on Thermodynamic Laws; Case Study: Fars Province Chemical Industries Ph.D 1394/06/24
ameneh azizi Comparison of the Quality of Life of Elderly Resident in Nursing Homes with Elderly People Resident at Home in Shiraz City M.S 1395/06/29
mohammad behboodi An investigation of nominal exchange rate, relative price, and the real exchange rate volatility: A sample of developing and developed countries M.S 1391/11/15
elahe behjatnia Representation of Islam in women's Religious Aggregations(A case study of women's religious aggregations in shiraz) M.S 1393/07/01
vida dadkhah Investigation of Institutional Inefficiencies in Government Budgeting and its Impact on Economic Entropy Ph.D 1400/06/31
Fahime Ebrahimi Modeling Effective Factors Affecting the Intention of Reporting Financial Fraudulents by Accountants with Emphasis on Ethical Consideration. Ph.D 1395/04/27
elham eslami Investigating solid collection routs in city : case study, zone 1 of shiraz municipality M.S 1396/06/28
Mehdi Farahani Measuring the Effects of Monetary Policy on the Macrofactor in Iran: A Factor-Augmented Vector Autoregressive, Kalman Filter, Expectation–Maximization Algorithm Approach Ph.D 1395/12/15
Akram Fathali Investigating the Effect of Intellectual Capital and Free Cash Flow on Cost Stickiness of listed Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange M.S 1395/06/31
bayan ghaderiazar A Consideration of the Relationship between Services of Welfar organization and Empowerment of women head of the family: A Case Study of Shiraz Women. M.S 1392/06/30
hale ghazvini The Study of the Process of Experiencing Gynecological Diseases among Girls Living in Shiraz: Towards a Grounded Theory M.S 1400/06/31
Najmeh Hajipoor The Relationship between Financial Development and Regional Economic Growth in Iran M.S 1394/10/16
Seyede somaye Hashemi Tourists Understanding of Cultural and Historical Heritage of Shiraz: An Ethnographic Study. Ph.D 1396/11/18
Zeynab Imaniyanmofrad The Study of Socio-Economic Factors Related to Domestic and Foreign Tourists’ Satisfaction in Kashan City M.S 1398/06/27
Mahsa Javanmardi Designing Service Quality Model for Medical Tourism (the Case study of International Tourists of Shiraz City) M.S 1395/11/02
Mohammad Reza Jokar The Effect of Industrial Diversity on Manufacturing Employment Volatility in Iranian Provinces M.S 1396/12/16
mohaddeseh kargarfarde jahromi Investigating the ipmact of product market competition on the capial structure of the componies listed on Tehran stock exchange M.S 1390/06/26
khalil karimi The Qualitative Study of Doctor-Patient Interaction at the Iqbal Clinic in The shiraz city . M.S 1392/12/20
mandana karimi The Study of the Relationship between Social and Cultural Factors and Attitudes toward Hagh_ Alnnas (People's right): a Case Study of The Shiraz Youth 18-29 years old M.S 1393/06/25
Vahid Kashafinia The Study of the Effects of Social and Cultural Factors on the Concept of Money for Women in the Family: a Case Study of the Tabriz Married Women M.S 1393/06/26
maryam kaveh The Study of Women's Social and Cultural Status in the Late Qajar and Early Pahlavi (A Qualitative Content Analysis of Danesh, Shekoofeh and Alame Nesvan Journals) M.S 1397/06/31
Soulmaz Kavianifar The Study of Reasons and Consequences of Suicide Attempted in Womens' Meaning System in Shiraz City: Towards a Grounded Theory M.S 1397/06/31
ebrahim kouhi Multilevel Study of Disability Prevalence in Iran M.S 1392/06/23
hakimeh majidi deh shikh Regional Spatial Planning of Rural Tourism Attractions with an Emphasis on Ecotourism Potentials of Kohgiluyeh - Boyer Ahmad Province M.S 1395/12/17
Vahid Mardani Evaluatiion of the Efficiency of Iran stock exchange Banks between 1391 to 1394 by VFB-DEA Window Analysis Method M.S 1397/04/27
seyyed mohammad ali moosavi A Comparative Discourse Analysis of the Socio-Economical Policies of Hassan Rouhani and Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf in the Eleventh Iranian Presidency Election M.S 1393/06/26
Navid Nafisi Relationship between Environmental Reflexivity and Sustainable Consumption (The Case of Adults in esfahan) Ph.D
Abdollah Najafi asl The Study of Relationship between New Communication Technologies and Social Values among High School Students in Bushehr City Ph.D 1395/06/29
Hassan Nejati Vendor Evaluation in Supply Chain Using Genetic Algorithm M.S 1390/10/27
Zeinab Niknejat Representaion of Excommunicative Fundamentalism in the Media; Socio-Semiotic Analysis of Jihad Concept in ISIS Group’s Photographs M.S 1394/10/28
m n بررسي عوامل مرتبط با نگرش دانش آموزان پسر دبيرستاني نسبت به رفتار بزهکارانه در شهر شيراز M.S 1392/03/29
parisa pishahang Sociological Study Of Sosial Factors Related with Body Image Among People With Physical Disabilitis In Shiraz M.S 1400/06/31
Arezoo Riahy samani Identifying the Components of Packaging and its relationship with Customers? Impulse Buying (Case of Study: The Customers of Shiraz Hyperstar Shopping Center) M.S 1398/03/22
Seyede fatemeh Sajedi Women Peace in Family (Case Study: Middle Age Women in Shiraz City) M.S 1395/03/03
AbdolAli Salahi A Study of Development & Modernization Process of Gerash City M.S 1393/03/17
marzieh sepehrimanesh Family management in the Meaning system of women university professor M.S 1391/07/12
Kazem Shamsaldini Investigation of the Relationship between Investors Behavior, Price Stocks and Investor’s Personality in Tehran Stock Exchange Ph.D 1395/04/27
Kazem Sharif pirani The lived Experience of Love and Intimacy in the Cyber Space: A Case Study of b.a. and m.a. male students in the faculty of economic, management and Social Sciences shiraz university M.S 1397/06/31
Zahra Shayeste Reasons and Consequences of Crystal Meth Consumption among Women in Shiraz City: Case Studyof Fereshtegan Center M.S 1395/06/28
shahrokh sheidaee A Survey of Economic Freedom On Equity Return: Evidence From Asia Markets M.S 1390/11/15
hamzeh sheikhiani The Effect of Trade liberalization on income inequality under the resistive economy : a computable general equilibrium approach ( The Case of Iran) Ph.D 1397/11/24
payam shojaei Designing a Model for Risk Assessment and Analysis in Projects Supply Chain Case: Gas Company Projects in Fars State Ph.D 1393/06/01
Alireza Sobhani Proposing a Framework for Evaluating the Mobile Banking Apps from Users’ Perspective M.S 1399/11/30
tahere taheri A Consideration of Economic, Social and Cultural Factors Related to Experience of Harassment Against Women of 16_65 Years Old in Public Sphere: A Case Study of Lar City. M.S 1392/07/10
azam tavakoli Product Life Cycle Using Fuzzy Neural Network In FARS PEGAH Company M.S 1392/07/10
Zahra Tavallali A Study of Conflict Resolution Ways between Two Parties, Democrats and Ejtamionne Etedalionne(Moderates), in Second National Assembly in Iran M.S 1391/07/05
samane toghraei The Role of Women in Family from Sociological Schools and Islamic Thought Point of Views (A Comparative Study) M.S 1393/11/28
Ramin Yadegari The Study of Relationship between Modern Media Use and Tendency to Delinquency:(Case Study: High School Students in Bastak City). M.S 1394/08/17
Mina Zardosht The Study of Socio-Cultural and Psychological Factors Related to Empowerment of Female Headed Household Case of Study: Women Covered by Imam Khomeini Relief Committee Shiraz M.S 1397/06/26
جمشيد ابو Evaluating and Comparing the Human Resource Managers Competencies in Shiraz Dairy Companies M.S 1395/06/31
محمد دهقان منشادي The Role of Institutional Quality Changes from Oil Shocks in Macroeconomic Dynamics of an Oil Exporting Country: The Case Study of Iran Ph.D 1398/11/29
مسعود مهرآميز Investigation of The Capability and Efficiency of The Intellectual Capital In Listed Companies Of Tehran Stock Exchange Via Data Envelopment Analysis Technique M.S 1392/06/31
Sociological Explanation of Social accommodation in Ethnics Groups in Afghanistan Ph.D 1399/06/31
The Investigation of Social Factors Related to Football Matches Spectators, Tendency to Collective Behavior: A Case Study of Shiraz City M.S 1396/11/07
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