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mahnaz ahrari ‏Prioritizing the factor affecting the distribution of Mobile supply chain management system using the interpretation ranking process approach (IRP) approach to fard province diary M.S 1396/12/19
Mohammad Amin Developing a Model for Investigating Barriers of UNIDO Development in Export Consortium Implementation ( case : Iran Handmade Carpet Clusters) M.S 1397/11/29
Anna Bolvardi zadeh Presenting a model for green supplier selection at Shiraz University using multi criteria decision making and Rough theory M.S 1397/11/27
Ali Esmaeilzadeh facing the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution using open innovation M.S 1399/11/30
Foroogh Farjam Presenting a Model for Developing the Capabilities of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in the Shiraz Large Industrial Town in Open Innovation Risk Management M.S
seyed mohammad ali hamidi Designing a Decision Support Model for Prioritizing University Investment Projects Using a Combined Approach of Taguchi-based design of experiments and Multi-criteria Decision Making (Case: Shiraz University) M.S 1400/06/31
Arash Haqbin Analyzing Shiraz Medical Tourism Supply Chain: A Grounded Theory Approach M.S 1399/06/31
Zahra Heidari hesam abadi Future Study of Factors Affecting the Diagnostic Technology Transfer in Shiraz Public Hospitals M.S 1399/06/31
Masoomeh Jafarpour Proposing a Model for Assessing the Effective Factors on Improving the Performance of Cold Supply Chain by Using Fuzzy Interpretative Structural Modeling and Fuzzy MICMAC (Case: Fars Province Dairy Industry) M.S 1397/09/28
saba jokar Identification andAssessment of Social Risk in Civil Projects of Historical-Cultural Area of Shiraz City Using Network Analysis Method M.S 1399/06/31
hossein mehraki Investigation the Role of Domestic Production Quality on Economic Defense and Presenting the Improvement Solutions in Petrochemical Industry (Case: Boushehr Petrochemical Company) M.S 1396/05/25
zahra nekuei Designing the Education Quality System Model of Shiraz University by Using Combined Approach of Total Interpretive Structural Modeling and Structural Equation Modeling M.S 1400/06/29
Pardis Nikoonam Nezami Prioritizing Solutions for Improving Anti-Corruption in Urban Civil Mega Projects by Using Fuzzy Multi Criteria Decision Making Approach (Case: Municipality Projects in Shiraz) M.S 1399/11/29
Mansooreh Rooshan Providing an Outsourcing pattern of Selected Departments of Shiraz zeynabiye Hospital by Using Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Techniques M.S 1397/09/28
Sedigheh Solati Prioritizing the Solutions of adapting Reverse Logistics Implementation to Overcome its Barriers by Using AHP-TOPSIS Fuzzy Type II Integrating model (Case: iron and steel industries in Fars Province) M.S 1397/09/20
Roohallah Akbari examining the mediating role of Organizational Commitment in the relation between quality of work Life and Employees Performance in Fars Electricity Generation Management M.S 1397/06/31
Soheila Avaredeh Identifying and Prioritizing Critical Success Factors for Implementing Lean Operations in Shiraz University Using Best-Worst Method M.S 1397/06/27
Azita Damankeshan The Application of Fuzzy Queuing Theory for Developing a Model and the Simulation of Shahid Rajaee Seaport's Container Terminal M.S 1395/12/21
Mohamadhasan Esfandyarimehni Assessment and Prioritizing Barriers of Implementation Green Supply Chain( The Case Study: South Electric Power Generation Company ) M.S 1395/12/16
Sara Hassanzadegan The Survey on Mediating Role of Psychological Empowerment in the Relationship between Psychological Capital and Employees Job Performance in Morvarid Petrochemical Company M.S 1397/06/26
Hamed Sheibani tezergi Investigating the Factors Affecting the Competitiveness Handmade Carpet Industry in Sirjan Based on the ISM-BWM-ANP Approach M.S 1397/06/21
امین جوانمردی The Presentation of Risk Evaluation Model in EPC Projects Using Integrated Meta-Synthesis and Multiple Criteria Decision Making Methods (Case study: Waste Water Treatment Unit of Sadra New Town) M.S 1396/06/12
Kobra Abbasi Family Power Structure and Prenatal Care Utilization in Lar City M.S 1395/02/22
Farshad Alamdar Youli Developing An Approach for Dynamic Analysis of Sustainable Business Model: The Case of Farassan Manufacturing And Industrial Company Ph.D 1399/06/31
Parisa Bahlouli Optimal Environmental Policy in the Conditions of Economic and Environmental Uncertainties in Iran: Institutionalism Approach Ph.D 1397/06/25
Maryam Balaee Study of Financing Low-income Housing Through the Cooperative on The Waqf M.S 1394/12/19
Hadi Behmanesh Interpretive Structural Modelling of Mobile Commerce Adoption in Knowledge-Based Companies in Science and Technology Park of Fars Province M.S 1395/06/31
Abutaleb Ermoodi The Study of Relationship between Place Attachment and Environmental Attitude, Case Study: Zayandeh Rood River and its Surrounding Parks M.S 1397/06/17
Iman Eshghi sani Comparative study of companies in the food industry to exchange financial approach and using DEA and Malmquist Index M.S 1394/12/20
Mahdi Evaznejad The Effect of Presidential Election Voting on Budget Allocation in Iranian Provinces M.S 1397/03/09
Malihe Farahani Modeling the Aircraft Landing Scheduling Problem in Shahid Dastgheib International Airport and Solving by Meta-Heuristic Algorithms M.S 1397/04/10
roghayeh fotoh abadi The Study of the Socio- Psychological Factors Related to the Quality of Life of Female-Headed Households in shiraz city M.S 1395/12/16
Zahra Hajipour The Impact of Product Market Competition on Economic Performance of the Listed Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange Using Balanced Scorecard System M.S 1395/06/29
ashkan hassani anlyzing and measuring the productivity of behran oil company M.S 1395/12/22
Maryam Hayati The Effect of Exchange Rate Regime and Oil Shocks on Economic Growth in Selected Oil Exporting Countries M.S 1396/06/29
Fatemeh sadat Hosseini Investigating the Effect of Audit Quality and Corporate Governance on the Market Value of Cash Holdings for the Companies Listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange M.S 1394/11/27
Nasrin Jafarimojarrad The Effect of Trade Opennes and Export Diversification on Output Volatility in Selected Developing countries M.S 1396/06/29
Leila Javadi Assessing e-Government Service Quality in Fars Province Tax Administration Using Fuzzy Inference System M.S 1395/12/14
Leila Kanani Investigating the Impact of Life Cycle on the Conservatism of the Companies Listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange M.S 1394/12/08
Mohammad Hosein Karami Designing a Course of In-Store Assortment for Sales Staff of Ramak Dairy Company Using Gamification M.S 1400/06/31
Khadije Kaveh Futures Study of Effective Factors on Implementation of the Internet of Things in Fars Province’s Tourism Industry M.S 1399/06/31
Farhad Mazarei nezhad Measuring and Analyzing the productivity in the banking system M.S 1394/12/20
mahdi moghaddasi A Comparative Study of Urban Physical and Social Structure in Shiraz (Zand Dynasty to the End of Pahlavi Dynasti) M.S 1395/11/25
Sahar Moradi Roudbali Designing A Measurement Model of Social Responsibility (SR) and Measuring SR in Shiraz University M.S 1395/12/15
mohamadreza poorangha Examining monitoring Role of the Board of Directors in Tax Aggressiveness of Family Firms Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange M.S 1395/06/31
Enayatollah Raeisi Sociological Explanation of Vandalism among High School Students Ph.D 1395/06/24
mostafa Rahemi Haghighi Investigating the Mediating Effect of Information Asymmetry on the Relationship between Financial Statements Comparability and Cash Holding of the Companies Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange M.S 1397/10/29
Mohammad Rasul Rajabzade Designing a Forecasting Method for Bitcoin Value Using Time Series and Metaheuristic Algorithms M.S 1398/06/31
Mehdi Sajadi Pour Identification and ranking of indicators determining the way of purchasing services in Shiraz water & waste water Co. M.S 1398/04/25
Ladan Samimi Investigating the Effect of Intellectual Capital on the Relationship between Product Market Competition and Stock Returns of Companies Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange M.S 1395/03/30
Mona Sayyahfar Presenting a Sustainable Value Chain Model Based on Porter's Framework Development and Balanced Scorecard in an Industrial Unit (Case Study: PREMIUMBOND Company) M.S 1396/12/12
najme shiravani Measurement and analysis of performance indicators in comparisons between public and private sector in ceramic tile companies M.S 1395/06/31
Neda Soltani The Iimpact of Environmental Knowledge on Woman’s Environmental Behavior in Confront with Dust: Case Study of the Southwest Cities of Khozestan Province M.S 1398/06/31
Mohammad Tahamtani Measurement of service quality in post offices Fars Province by using the SERVQUAL, SERVPERF Models and data envelopment analysis M.S 1394/12/16
Zeinab Yadegar Investigating the role of institutional quality in the level of Influence on the expansion private banks share on the banking system stability in Iran M.S 1397/06/20
Ali Zamani Analysis and Future Outlook of Natural Gas Consumption in Fars Province Residential Sector M.S 1395/03/29
صديقه البرزي سلطان ابادي Sociological Study of Health-Based Behaviors Among Youth in Shiraz City Ph.D 1398/11/29
زهرا محيط قيري Multi-Objective Design of x? Control Chart by Genetic Algorithm (Case Study: Pegah Fars Company) M.S 1397/04/30
A Comparative Study of Economic Corruption in the Capitalism and Islamic Societies. M.S 1397/06/31
Invesigating the Effect of Audit Committee on Audit Quality and Firm Value M.S 1396/11/25
Life style in the Erich Fromm's Thoughts M.S 1395/06/28
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