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Mohammad Taghi Abbasi shavazi

Mohammad Taghi Abbasi shavazi

Mohammad Taghi Abbasi shavazi    (FA Page)

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FirstName And Last Name Project Name Degree download-thesis def-date
Parvin Abasi atashgah New Communication Technologies and Networked Family: The Study of Relationship between Using New Communication Technologies and Family Relations M.S 1395/12/17
Ali Ahmadpour The study of relationship between the media and perceived risk with villagers' environmental behaviors ( The case of study: Bastak's villages) M.S 1396/12/07
Ghazal Ariyayi gohar The Study of Causes and Consequences of Playing Digital Games among Shiraz University's Students M.S 1398/06/31
Parisa Bighami The study of relationship between socio-cultural and psychological factors and addiction levels to online social Networks (Case study: youth between 15-29 years old in bam city) M.S 1396/02/25
Dorna Esmaeilkhani The Study of Factors Related to Political Participation in Actual and Virtual Spaces, (Case Study: Students at Shiraz University) M.S 1395/06/31
Tayebe Fathi The Study of the Relationship between Mass Media Use and Attitude toward Population Policies in Iran M.S 1394/12/18
Maryam Hashempoursadeghian Social Media, Social Relations Network and Generation: The Comparative Study of the Relationship between Social Media and Individuals' Social Relations Network between Young Adults and Older Adults in Shiraz City M.S 1395/06/21
fatemeh jafarian Sociological Explanation of Adolescents’ Benefits from Internet Opportunities (Case of Study: Secondary School Students in Shiraz City) M.S 1400/06/31
Mina Khalifeh The Factors Related to Internet Pornography and Its Consequences among Students of Shiraz University M.S 1398/06/30
alnaz mohamadiparvar Media and Identity: A Study of the Relationship between the Use of Social Media and the Global, National and Ethnic Identity of Shiraz University Students M.S 1400/11/15
Tahere Mohammadi The Study of Factors Related to Online Hate Speech among High School Students in Shiraz City M.S 1401/06/16
sayed abdullah nayab The Study of the Relationship between Media Usage and Youth's Ethnic, National and Global Identities: The Case of Study: Herat University’s Students in Afghanestan. M.S 1396/12/20
Marzieh Saghayat The Study of the Role of International Emigrant's Remittances in Regional Development of Larestan M.S 1395/04/09
bahareh tazakkor The Study of the Relationship between Online Social Networks and Kin Relationships in Shiraz City M.S
leila zadebagheri The Study of the Relationship between Parental Mediation Strategies and Digital Literacy on the Level of Exposure of Adolescents with Cyberspace Risks and Harms Ph.D 1400/06/31
Dual Space Political Participation: The Study of Socio-Cultural and Political Factors Related to Online and Offline Political Participation (Case of Study: Kabul University's Students) M.S 1396/11/24
Pegah Abdelahi M.S
zinab mobahat Religion, Religiosity and Fertility: The Study of Differential Fertility of Shia and Sunni Women in Urban Areas of Kangan County M.S
ali sharifi Understanding the Intricacy of Gender and Inequality in Women's International Migrations: The Case of Iranian Migrant Women Living in Western Developed Countries Ph.D
sina aminizadeh Qualitative Content Analysis of the Paradigmatic Foundations of Party Programs in Iran Before and After the Islamic Revolution Ph.D 1399/06/31
Rahman Bagheri Reflexivity and Cultural Identity of the Lak People Immigrants (Case Study: Immigrants Residing in the Namjoo Neighborhood in Tehran) Ph.D 1399/06/15
zeinab didehmah The Study of the Relationship between Social and Mass Media with Social Hope (Case of Study: Youth in the City of Shiraz ) M.S 1398/06/31
Arash Farasat Musical Taste of University Students; Social and Cultural Determinant Factors (Case Study: Universities in Tehran) M.S 1396/06/29
roghayeh fotoh abadi The Study of the Socio- Psychological Factors Related to the Quality of Life of Female-Headed Households in shiraz city M.S 1395/12/16
Seyed Kobra Hashemi kataki Detecting the reasons and consequences of self-immolation in semantic system of the self -immolatated women (case study : the immolated women Hospitalized in Isfahan Burn Hospital M.S 1394/04/03
Abbas Hayat A Qualitative Study of Social Security in Shiraz City (Case Study of Family Heads in Mehdiabad Neighborhood) M.S 1400/09/27
Zeynab Imaniyanmofrad The Study of Socio-Economic Factors Related to Domestic and Foreign Tourists’ Satisfaction in Kashan City M.S 1398/06/27
Saeed Kargar Sociological Explanation of Relationship between Life Style and Social Happiness (Case Study: High School Students in Jahrom City M.S 1394/06/31
Soulmaz Kavianifar The Study of Reasons and Consequences of Suicide Attempted in Womens' Meaning System in Shiraz City: Towards a Grounded Theory M.S 1397/06/31
masoud khalili The Analysis of Relationship between Social Health and Political Culture among Students of Shiraz University M.S 1398/04/16
zahra khodaparast The Relationship between Lifestyle and Attitude toward Cohabitation: Study of Shiraz Youth Aged 18 to 39 Years M.S 1400/06/31
faeze mahmoudi Sociological Explanation of Relationship between the Online Social Networks and Political Orientation (Case of Study: 18-48 Years Old Citizens in Nurabad City) M.S 1400/06/31
Shima Naghshbandi The Study of the Relationship between Media Consumption and Emotional Divorce (case of study: married women in shiraz) M.S 1398/06/31
Abdollah Najafi asl The Study of Relationship between New Communication Technologies and Social Values among High School Students in Bushehr City Ph.D 1395/06/29
Zeinab Niknejat Representaion of Excommunicative Fundamentalism in the Media; Socio-Semiotic Analysis of Jihad Concept in ISIS Group’s Photographs M.S 1394/10/28
parisa pishahang Sociological Study Of Sosial Factors Related with Body Image Among People With Physical Disabilitis In Shiraz M.S 1400/06/31
zahra qatrani The Study of the Relationship between Socio - Cultural Factors and Attitudes towards Al-Amr Bi Al-Ma ،Ruf And Al-Nahy ،An Al-Munkar (Intergenerational Comparison of Youth and Adults in Shiraz City) M.S 1393/10/21
Masoumeh Taheri The Study of Problem Solving Styles by Women with Addicted Husbands in Shiraz City M.S 1394/08/23
taebeh taibi Evaluation of Maternal Health Care Service in Behbahan District from the View Point of Womens with Birth Delivery M.S 1396/08/30
Seyedezahra Talebkish The Study of the Investigating the Relationship between Globalization and Political Participation (case of study: Students at Shiraz University) M.S 1397/06/25
Ramin Yadegari The Study of Relationship between Modern Media Use and Tendency to Delinquency:(Case Study: High School Students in Bastak City). M.S 1394/08/17
Mina Zardosht The Study of Socio-Cultural and Psychological Factors Related to Empowerment of Female Headed Household Case of Study: Women Covered by Imam Khomeini Relief Committee Shiraz M.S 1397/06/26
Sociological Analysis of Reproduction of Iranian Everyday Life in Social Media: the Case Study of Persian Clubhouse Ph.D
Mohammad Hemmati Sociological Study of Students' Attitude Towards Educational Justice in Education (Case Study of Shiraz University students) M.S
farshad karami Workers in Quest of Meaning: A Sociological Exploration of the Meaning of Work among Precarious Workers in Tehran Province Ph.D
Roohallah Rahmanie Sociological Explanation of Social Well-being among Secondary School Students in Jahrom City M.S 1401/06/29
Habib alah Afshoon The Study of Public Expenditure Effects on Macroeconomic Variables under Balanced Budget Rules in Iran/ DSGE Approach Ph.D 1399/05/01
shiva ataei Distributed Lag Effects of Money Supply Changes on Nominal Exchange Rate: The Case of Iran M.S 1393/11/29
elahe behjatnia Representation of Islam in women's Religious Aggregations(A case study of women's religious aggregations in shiraz) M.S 1393/07/01
monireh chatraei A Study of the Role of Social Intelligence on Social Cohesion (A Case Study in Students of Najafabad Payamnoor University) M.S 1392/12/11
Farnaz Dastras The Relationship between Lifestyle and Environmental Behavior of Citizens of Shiraz City M.S 1397/06/20
Nayereh Dehghani Ghanatghestani The Study of The Relationship between Life style And Attitude to Death Among The Middle Aged In Kerman M.S 1394/06/28
golbad emam Investigating the Relationship between Perception of Belonging to Place and Tendency to Migrate among Residents of Madavan City in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province. M.S 1400/06/31
maryam esmaili The study of the relationship between education and maternal and infant health in the health centers of Shiraz M.S 1393/03/12
Fariba Firooz Social Resilience to Environmental and Economic Hazards with Emphasis on Drought: A Case Study of Khafr District M.S 1396/06/26
Masoomeh Gharibmotlagh An Investigation of Relationship between Marital Adjustment and Social Hppiness (Case Study: Women in Shiraz City) M.S 1394/10/07
SANAZ heydari The Study of Socio- Cultural and Psychological Factors reiated to Womens Quality of Life in Infertile Families of in Shiraz City M.S 1395/12/10
Abbas Jafari Designing a Model for Selecting Appropriate Technology in Fars Province Gas Company by Using R-SWARA M.S 1398/11/19
Soheila Jahangiri heydari A Sociological Explanation of the Relationship between Social Exclusion and Quality of Life among the Marginalized People of the 14th Region of Isfahan City M.S 1398/06/30
Leila Jahangiri The Impact of Macroeconomic Policies on Duration of Recession in Selected Countries in Asia M.S 1394/12/17
hossein karami Modeling of Effective Factors on Investment Growth in Fars Province's Industrial Sector with System Dynamics Approach Ph.D 1395/12/15
Razieh Khazaie A study on the meaning of vow on tehranian women's lived experience; a qualitaqtive study Ph.D 1395/06/28
azadeh mazaher An Investigation of Relationship between Power Structure in the Family and Happiness (a Case Study of Women in Sarvestan City) M.S 1393/12/11
Zahra Moaven Ethnographic Study of Pilgrimage among Tourists in the Holy Shrines of Shiraz City Ph.D 1396/06/28
Mohammad Molavi The Exploring of the Concept of Nativism in Shayegan’s Thought M.S 1397/03/19
Hamed Mollazadeh sadeghiuon The study of Socio-economic Factors related to amount of media trust (case study of population over 20s of Bandarabbass City) M.S 1393/12/13
Mohammadmehdi Poursoltani Economic Structure and its Role in the Evolution of Shiraz Spatial Structure in Hijri 14th Century (1302-1392) M.S 1392/10/07
marzieh rassaf The Welfar Effects of Economic Sanction in Iran: A Game Theory Approach Ph.D 1400/06/31
najmeh rastegari An analysis of the Factors Affecting the Audit Market Structure in Iran Ph.D 1399/06/31
Razieh Rayanpour A Sociological Study of Related Factors Using Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Shiraz City. M.S 1395/06/31
Mansooreh Rooshan Providing an Outsourcing pattern of Selected Departments of Shiraz zeynabiye Hospital by Using Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Techniques M.S 1397/09/28
Najmeh Sajedianfard Tax Evasion and Economic Growth in Iran: An Endogenous Growth Model M.S 1393/06/29
Abdolmajid Sarmadinia A Study of Effective Factors on the Improvement of the Quality of Accounting Discipline: A Survey of Accounting Faculty of Universities and a Description of Published Accounting Research M.S 1396/12/09
SAMIN SHAFAATI Effect of Government Consumption and Investment Expenditure on Real Exchange Rate: The Case of Iran M.S 1392/06/30
najmeh shahbazi The meaning reconstruction of prostitution (Case study: Women cliaent to Khaneh Khorshid D.I.C, Tehran) M.S 1393/11/27
Elham Shirdel serasiyabi An Exploration of Lived Experience of Social Emotion In The Elderly’s Life World (Case Study of The Senior Citizen Center of Kerman) Ph.D 1395/06/27
Sara tagha The Effect of Property Rights on Entrepreneurship in Selected Countries M.S 1396/04/20
raziyeh zahabi The Survey of the relation between Organizational Intelligence and Work Ethics considering the mediator organizational citizenship behavior within Shiraz University's Administrative Personnel M.S 1392/06/30
Ramin Zeraatgari Modeling and Investigating Manager's and Investor's Effect of Personality Type in Favoring Accounting Information via Intelligent Neural Network Ph.D 1397/03/05
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