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Marzieh Charkhabnoos The Study of Financial Stability of Admited Firms Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange Using JT Index M.S 1395/06/31
Ghazale Dehghan Investigating the Role of Institutional Quality in the Impact of Information and Communication Technology and Natural Resource Abundance on Entrepreneurship: A Case Study of Selected Oil Countries M.S
alireza dezhbakhsh Constructing a Dynamic Monetary Conditions Index for Iran M.S
Seyed navid Dianat khah Investigation of Factors Affecting Cost Variation for Construction Projects of Shiraz Municipality M.S 1396/09/19
elahe fayazpour Effects of Tourism Industry on Pollution of Environment Caused by Carbon Dioxid Emission in Selected MENA Countries M.S 1400/03/04
ABOUTALEB GANDOMKAR The Effects of Population Daynamics on Economic Growth in Iran M.S
ELNAZ GHOLAMSHAHI The Effect of Social Capital on Credit Risk of Iranian Banking System M.S
Roza Hajizadeh Analysis of Bank Stability Impact on Informal Sector in Selected OPEC Countries M.S
Ahad Heidari Ranking the Selected Banks in Iran Based on Generalized CAMEL Model M.S 1397/02/04
Amir Jafari Investigating the relationship between exchange rate fluctuations and stock returns of importing companies listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange M.S 1400/06/31
Farkhonde Koosha The Relationship between Oil Prices and Stock Market in Iran: An Asymmetric Cointegration Approach M.S 1395/06/23
Moslem Molaei Investigating the Role of Monetary and Structural Factors on Inflation in Iran M.S 1397/04/06
Mohammad sadegh Neisani Identification of Factors Affecting Credit Risk in Iranian Banking Industry Using Stress Test M.S 1396/06/30
marzieh rassaf Welfare Eeffects of Iranian Oil Sanction : An Application of Game Theory Ph.D 1400/06/31
mohammad hossein sajadyian Factors Affecting the Profitability of Selected Banks with Emphasis on Shadow Banking and Competitiveness M.S 1399/06/30
Ali Sharifi M.S
zeinab yadegar The Contagion Effect in the Stock Market of Iran: A Network Theory Approach Ph.D
Zeinab Yadegar Investigating the role of institutional quality in the level of Influence on the expansion private banks share on the banking system stability in Iran M.S 1397/06/20
زینب خسروانی Investigating the Impact of Economic Sanctions on Income Inequality in Iran M.S 1397/11/30
مجید شفیعی Investigating the Role of Institutional Quality in the Impact of Financial Development on Income Inequality In Selected Asian Countries M.S 1399/06/30
Optimization of Banking Facilties Portfolio through Fuzzy Goal Programming (Studied: Bank Maskan of Fars Province) M.S 1396/07/15
The Effect of Economic Complexity on Health Sector Performance in Selected Asian Countries M.S
Nazanin Talaghat The Impact of Economic Complexity on Ecological Footprint in Selected Developing Countries M.S
ZAHRA AGHILI Trade Integration Based on Financial Diversification: The Case of Iran and Other Trade Partners (ECO, D8 and Eurasia) Ph.D
Somyeh Alikarami The Effects of Price and Non-price Factors on the Demand for Non-oil Exports of Iran. Ph.D 1398/08/19
abbasi ali Appropriate Monetary Policy Under Heterogeneous Expectations and Fiscal Dominance: The Case of Iran Ph.D 1399/06/31
Zahra AnsariArdali Optimal Energy Taxation in Terms of Public Health: A Comparative Analysis of Classical and Public Choice Government Ph.D
Ali Ansari Analysis of Factors Affecting Health Inequality in Iran: Application of System Dynamics Modeling M.S
Maryam Balaee Study of Financing Low-income Housing Through the Cooperative on The Waqf M.S 1394/12/19
Fatemeh Choobineh The Effect of Exchange Rate Changes and International Trade: Comparison of Developing and Developed Countries M.S 1397/02/25
Khadijeh Dashtiyan An Analysis of Fundamental Problems of Official Profit Sharing Contracts in Iranian Banking Institutions and Their Proposed Solutions M.S 1395/02/07
zalmai fazly The Effect of Stock Market Liquidity on Economic Growth in Selected Asian Countries M.S
sayed noraden hashmi lifarjani Analyses Residentioal Energy Efficiency in Iran : A System Dynamic Approach (1404 Horizon) M.S
Farshad Hosseini Technological and Economic Mobility in Iranian Industries in Line with Economic Security as one of the Goals of Islamic Economics: The case of firms listed in Tehran stock exchange M.S 1396/08/16
Hamidreza Izadi The Optimal Monetary and Fiscal Policy based on the Solution for the Ramsey Problem Ph.D 1396/04/27
gholamreza karimi The Investigation of Banking Industry as Financial Intermediary in a Small Open Economy via DSGE model: Case Study Iranian Economy Ph.D
hashem keshavarimoayedi Dynamic Relationships between Non-Oil Revenue, Government Expenditure, and Economic Growth: Evidence from selected Islamic countries M.S
Mehdi Khodayari Criminal Policy of Islam in Economic Corruption (A Comparative Study of Ayatollah Khamenei's Perspective) M.S
Abdulhamid Khosravi Monetary Transmission Mechanisms and Business Cycle in IRAN: VAR Approach and Bayesian DSGE Model Simulation Ph.D 1397/07/25
Ali Kiani The Importance of Origins of Oil Price shock for Economic Fluctuations in an Oil Exporting Country Ph.D 1399/05/19
reza najibi Investigation the Effect of Macroeconomic Variables on Credit Risk in Iranian Banks Based on Islamic Contracts (Selected Bnaks) M.S 1397/03/08
Hamid Naseri The Stability of Price Level and the Reliability of Monetary Policy in Iran M.S 1398/04/04
nima nilforoushan The Reaction of Monetary Policy to Stock Market Fluctuations in Iran Ph.D 1397/10/18
Maryam Nooshidani the study of effect of globalization on income distribution in selected countries of OIC comparing with selected countries of OECD M.S 1398/06/31
Fateme Rahimzade Effect of Foreign Direct Investment and Languages Transaction Costs on International Trade in Selected Middle East Countries M.S 1394/12/19
Iman Rousta The Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Policies with Emphasis on Non-Inflationary Exit from Depression: Case Study of Iran Ph.D 1399/06/03
Ali Sadeghi Hamedani Dynamics of Entrepreneur's Behavior in an Islamic Economy Ph.D 1398/10/16
abdorasoul sadeghi The Effective Monetary and Financial Factors on the Economic Development Ph.D
hamzeh sheikhiani The Effect of Trade liberalization on income inequality under the resistive economy : a computable general equilibrium approach ( The Case of Iran) Ph.D 1397/11/24
abbas tavana A Study of the Real Sector Role on the Impact of Financial Development on Economic Growth in Iran M.S 1398/01/30
zahra tohidizadeh Money as an Exchangeable Value and Its? Main Value During the Time M.S
babak daie Measuring VAT Gap in the IRAN: Stochastic Tax Frontier Model Approach Ph.D
pegah abdolahi chahardange Testing the Existence of Exchange Rate Bubbles in Iran Using a Markov- Switching Approach M.S 1393/10/28
Mehrnoush Aghebatbin Investigating The Relationship Between Ownership Structure and Related Party Transactions, with Emphasis on the Moderating Role of Product Market Competition ( Evidence form Tehran Stock Exchange) M.S 1394/06/29
Mohammad hadi Alizada Issues in Islamic banking andfinance: Islamic banks, Shari’ah-compliant investment and sukuk M.S 1396/12/19
sina aminizadeh Qualitative Content Analysis of the Basis of Paradigm of Parties Programs in Iran before and after the Islamic Revolution Ph.D 1399/06/31
shiva ataei Distributed Lag Effects of Money Supply Changes on Nominal Exchange Rate: The Case of Iran M.S 1393/11/29
mohsen attaei The Impact of Government Expenditure on Health and Economic Growth in Iran M.S 1400/06/23
mohammadhossien dianati A Comparison of Two Interest-free Economies with Pooled and Separate Deposits: A Theoretical Analysis Ph.D 1397/09/05
zeinab didehmah The Study of the Relationship between Social and Mass Media with Social Hope (Case of Study: Youth in the City of Shiraz ) M.S 1398/06/31
maryam esmaili The study of the relationship between education and maternal and infant health in the health centers of Shiraz M.S 1393/03/12
Samira Farajollahzadeh The Impact of Financial Innovation in the Stock Market on the Economic Growth of Selected Developing and Developed Countries M.S 1400/06/31
Alireza Farrokhi The Discourse Analysis of the cultural programs of the Ninth and Tenth Governments ‎ Ph.D 1398/06/27
fereydoun foroodi Direct and spillover effects of firm size on Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Iranian provinces M.S 1398/06/13
elahe ghaffari ارزيابي تحولات نظام سکونتگاهي استان فارس(1390-1365) M.S 1394/12/03
Raha Gharraie The Effects of asset market participation on Macroeconomic Dynamics : the case of Iran Ph.D 1398/11/13
Maryam Haji Day-ahead Electricity Price Forcasting Using WT, CLSSVM and EGARCH Model for Fars Regional Electric Company M.S 1395/07/14
Najmeh Hajipoor The Relationship between Financial Development and Regional Economic Growth in Iran M.S 1394/10/16
Sara Hassanzadegan The Survey on Mediating Role of Psychological Empowerment in the Relationship between Psychological Capital and Employees Job Performance in Morvarid Petrochemical Company M.S 1397/06/26
Mehdi Hassanzadeh Determining the Optimal time path of selected tax rates and their effect on the informal employment:case study of Iran M.S 1396/12/19
Zeynab Imaniyanmofrad The Study of Socio-Economic Factors Related to Domestic and Foreign Tourists’ Satisfaction in Kashan City M.S 1398/06/27
amineh iri Investigating The Relationship between Social Support and Quality of Life among Female Heads of Households Supported by Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation in Bandar Torkaman M.S 1398/09/23
Samira Jaliliabedzadeh Premarital Relationship and Marital Satisfaction: Case Study of 20-50 Years Old Married Women in Shiraz City M.S 1396/02/18
hossain kakanejhadifard The relationship between stock return volatility, the operating performance and return on equity of listed companies In Tehran Stock Exchange M.S 1394/03/24
Razieh Karevani rizi An Appraisal of the Traditional Investment Banks in Comparison to the Iranian Investment Banks in Order to Implement Islamic Banking M.S 1395/01/30
Mohsen Karimi Determination of Optimal Taxation in Small Open Economy and Investigation that's Effect on Foreign Direct Investment in Iran. Ph.D 1399/06/31
Amir Hossein Kazemi Nasab Modeling and Optimizing of Marketing Mix Using Fuzzy MCDM Techniques (Case Study: TAVAN SANAAT PLASTIC Inc.) M.S 1395/06/31
Amir Abbas Khalesi Defining Effective Factors on Iran's Export-led Industrialization M.S 1399/12/26
Zahra Khalilnezhad The Role of Trade and Financial Channels in the Transmission of Oil Shoks in Major Oil Exporting Countries Ph.D 1399/06/31
jamal khosravani Analys of islamcs financial instroment with emphasising on the bonds murabaha M.S 1398/06/31
Gholamhossein Mahmoodi An Assessment of Total Factor Productivity Growth in Pharmaceutical Firms Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange:Stochastic Frontier Approach. M.S 1393/07/16
Mahnoush Mehrpour Systematic Risk Estimation Shiraz and Khark Petrochemical Firms Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange : a Fuzzy Regression Approach M.S 1394/12/19
Fateme Moghimi The Effect of the Moderating Role of Social Responsibility on the Relationship Between Innovation and Financial Performance of Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange M.S 1396/06/28
Sahar Moradi Roudbali Designing A Measurement Model of Social Responsibility (SR) and Measuring SR in Shiraz University M.S 1395/12/15
Shohreh Nasirabadi Determination of Optimal housing Capital tax rate In Iran's Economy M.S 1395/03/03
Fatemeh Nematollahi An investigating on the economic and welfare effects of taxes on fossil fuel consumption and subsidy to research and development in iranian economy to reduce air pollution Ph.D 1397/11/28
Sakine Owjimehr Analyzing of Time Inconsistency of Fiscal and Monetary Policy in Iran Ph.D 1395/12/09
MOJTABA PANAHI Analyzing the Impact of Social Preferences on Neutralization of Sanctions, by Using Experimental Economics (A Passive Defense Strategies Against Economic Sanctions) M.S 1396/06/29
Sara Parang The Effect of Institutional Quality on Volatility of Economic Growth in Selected Asian Countries M.S 1395/12/21
sanaz Pourdamghan Ranking of Biogas Production Potential from Biomas Resources in Iranian Provinces M.S 1400/06/20
abdreza ramuar The Study of Socio-Economic Factors Related to Quality of Life:A Comparison of Migrants and Native Residents of Dehdasht City M.S 1394/06/30
Reza Rastegari Providing a n equation structural model of the effectiveness of influencer marketing strategy on the Instagram platform M.S 1400/06/31
Mohammad Amin reshadat Social Constraction of Women's Political Particition Process in Afghanistan (Towards a Grounded Theory) Ph.D 1397/06/31
Elham Rezaeiasl Evaluating the Shiraz University Sustainability and Suggesting Improvement Solutions M.S 1395/06/29
gholamreza rezaei Modelling strategic planning participation, mediating role of management accounting information system and psychological dimensions in creation of the budgetary stack Ph.D 1396/09/07
Mehdi Sarem On the Theory of Price Level Determination, Rational Expectation Equilibrium and Monetary Policy Uncertainty Ph.D 1395/08/03
seyedeh sara shahbazi The Effect of Institutions and Government Size on Non-Oil Export Performance in the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) M.S 1397/11/23
maryam shahriari The Effect of Spatial Agglomeration of Industrial Activities on Total Factor’s Productivity in the Iranian Manufacturing Industries M.S 1394/06/31
Narjes Shiri A Comparative study of Factors Related to the Socialization of Children in Divorced and Non-Divorced Families (The Case of Study: First Set High School Students in Shiraz City) M.S 1396/05/03
Mahbubeh Shojaeian The Role of Intermediate and Capital Goods Imports on the Growth of Non-Oil Exports in OPEC Countries M.S 1396/04/14
najmeh tafarojnooroz Investigating the Relationship between Financial Development, Institutional Investors and Economic Growthَ: An Application in Selected OIC Countries M.S 1397/11/30
Ali Tozih Development and Validation a Framework for Realizing the Resilience Economy in Education system: A Mixed Method Approach Ph.D 1398/05/01
Fatemeh Zaree The Effects of Macroeconomic Uncertainty on Private Investment in Iran M.S 1395/06/31
Shapoor Zarei An appraisal of the News Shocks Effects on Monetary Policies implementation in Iran: Using the Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Model (DSGE) Ph.D 1397/02/04
Mandana Zare DesigningTime Driven Activity Based Costing SystemVia Fuzzy Logic Approach (Case Study of Yas E Fars Glaze Company) M.S 1393/12/19
لادن ايران پور The Causality Test between Entrepreneurship and Unemployment in Selected Factor-driven, Efficiency-driven and Innovation-driven Countries M.S 1398/06/31
سحر محمدي Designing a Model and Structuring the Problem of Sustainable-Responsible Tourism with System Multi Methodology Approach Ph.D 1399/11/30
A Comparative Study of Economic Corruption in the Capitalism and Islamic Societies. M.S 1397/06/31
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